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Date of CME Topic of CME
26-April-2015 CME on Basic Infertility workup
7-June-2015 RAN Symposia
28-June-2015 CME on Uro-Gynecology
10-July-2015 CME on Cervical Cancer
19-July-2015 RAN Symposia
2-August-2015 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
23-August-2015 CME on Bleeding and Pain in 1st Trimester
6-September-2015 RAN Symposia
11-October-2015 Gynacon
25-October-2015 CME on Perinatology
8-November-2015 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
22-November-2015 CME on PCO
6-December-2015 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
20-December-2015 CME on Medicolegal
3-January-2016 RAN Symposia (No Accreditation)
14-February-2016 IAGE-AFG Live operative workshop
21-February-2016 Annual Conference
6-March-2016 RAN Symposia
27-March-2016 AGM (No Accreditation)
12-June-2016 CME on Adolescent Gynecological Problems
3-July-2016 RAN Symposia
7-August-2016 RAN Symposia
21-August-2016 Workshop on Tissue Management in Obstetric Surgeries
4-September-2016 RAN Symposia
25-September-2016 CME on Perinatology
9-October-2016 Workshop on Obstetric Emergencies
6-November-2016 RAN Symposia
4-December-2016 RAN Symposia
11-December-2016 Panel Discussion on Medical Disorders in Pregnancy
12-February-2017 XVIth Annual Conference
26-March-2017 AGM & CME
9-April-2017 RAN Symposia
16-April-2017 Perinatology CME - Part 3
30-April-2017 CME on Urogynecology
14-May-2017 RAN Symposia
28-May-2017 CME on Fetal Medicine
11-June-2017 RAN Symposia
18-June-2017 CME on Infertility
9-July-2017 RAN Symposia
13-August-2017 RAN Symposia
20-August-2017 CME on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
17-September-2017 RAN Symposia
17-September-2017 CME on Fetus as a Patient [AFG-ISPAT]
8-October-2017 RAN Symposia
8-October-2017 CME on Sexuality [AFG-FOGSI Sexual Medicine Committee]
12-November-2017 RAN Symposia
3-December-2017 CME on Obstetric Dilemma’s
14-January-2018 RAN Symposia
11-February-2018 RAN Symposia
10-March-2018 AFG-ISOPARB Workshop
11-March-2018 AFG-ISOPARB Conference
25-March-2018 CME & AGM

For Certificates/Attendance Slip after 1st September 2018 read below:

As per Maharashtra Medical Council Guidelines certificates are not required. All you need to do is login to MMC website and check the status of credit points.

We encourage you all to register for all CME's online so that clerical errors (w.r.t. Name, Registration Number, etc) can be minimised

Date of CME Attendance MMC Credits list
29-Apr-2018 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
10-Jun-2018 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
09-Sep-2018 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
16-Dec-2018 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
30-Dec-2018 Uploaded 2 (Two) Credit/s
20-Jan-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
17-Feb-2019 Uploaded 2 (Two) Credit/s
10-Mar-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
14-Apr-2019 -NA- None
5-May-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
12-May-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
25-May-2019 Certificates issued by Cloudnine 3 (Three) Credit/s
26-May-2019 Certificates issued by Cloudnine 3 (Three) Credit/s
9-Jun-2019 -NA- None
30-Jun-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
14-Jul-2019 -NA- None
21-Jul-2019 Certificates issued by IAP Mumbai 1 (One) Credit/s
11-Aug-2019 -NA- None
22-Sep-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
3-Nov-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
8-Dec-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
15-Dec-2019 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
12-Jan-2020 Uploaded 1 (One) Credit/s
16-Feb-2020 Uploaded 2 (Two) Credit/s
20-Sep-2020 Uploaded (Instructions) 2 (Two) ICOG Credits
1-Nov-2020 Uploaded (Instructions) 2 (Two) ICOG Credits
27-Dec-2020 Uploaded (Instructions) 2 (Two) ICOG Credits
31-Jan-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
28-Feb-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
3-Apr-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
4-Apr-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
02-May-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
23-May-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
06-Jun-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
27-Jun-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
04-Jul-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
01-Aug-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
08-Aug-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
05-Sep-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
19-Sep-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
10-Oct-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
14-Nov-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
28-Nov-2021 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s
06-Feb-2022 Uploaded (Instructions) 1 (One) Credit/s