21 years
of Fellowship

Msg from President

Welcome to the new website.

This website has numerous member friendly features.The website provides you an update on AFG programs.Link to previous programs can be accessed from the website.Your MMC attendance list and the certificate are also uploaded on the website.

The website also gives you the list of members with contact details.We are in the process of making certificates with membership No. You can explore the background of AFG going through the history of AFG. You will be able to appreciate the contribution of number of senior colleagues in the growth of the association. Some of our colleagues have started with AFG, refined their skills and have taken up the responsibility of other Associations. Because of the sound base and the framework laid down by our seniors, AFG has groomed so many Gynaecologists. We have excellent scientific sessions and unique operative workshop. AFG has its own premises for office. AFG is fulfilling its social responsibility by conducting Nurses training programs. We have also created a video for teaching of menstrual hygiene that is shared on the social media for purpose of education. President’s wall and the photographs of previous programs form part of the website. Hope you all are having an educative experience with AFG.